Steampunk Fashion Photo shoot

I am extremely happy to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Since Early December 2013 I have been working with some awesomely talented ladies to shoot my first ever Fashion Photo-shoot.

Teaming up with Wasteland Artisan and Sarala of Bittirsweet Hair we decided on a Steam Punk / Cyber Goth theme. We acquired many other talented people including Gabrielle Kellock MUA and by our shoot date we were well over 18 people!

You can follow my Facebook page to see the new images from this shoot as I complete them, stay tuned next week for a behind the scenes post on this shoot!

Plaugue Dr Tea

Steam Punk Sitting Room

Plague Dr and Black Cape


Plague Dr and Lovecraft Patient

Steampunk Mask

Lovecraft Steam Punk travel

Cyber Punk Body Contortion

Darra 2

Clay 2


Week 2 of Nina Haigh Photography’s 365 day photo project: Struggles and Pondering

I just completed a second week of my 365 day project and while I have yet to miss a day I am struggling with finding work I like, even after I edit it. I take out interesting pictures, edit them and then just let them sit, all over again because I am not in love with them. I feel perhaps there is a reason I overlooked things the first time and wonder if there is any real point to this project at all?

I know its too early to tell and I will keep plodding on, perhaps I’m just in an editing rut this week.

People listening to some one recite a poem

People listening to someone recite a poem

Jazzy Lights

A light Art Installation at Place Des Arts in Montreal

Crystal and Beauty

A beauty shot of a Psychic at Studio Sundari

Night time flower market

A night time flower market in Montreal

Nuit Blanche Art Installation

An art installation from nuit blanche in Montreal

Reflection of a moon

An artistic shot of an art installation giving the impression of a giant moon in Montreal

peek a boo

A colorful graffiti on the Abandoned Canada Malting plant in Montreal Quebec

The first week of my 365 day Photo Project

Train Yard

Light Painting

Love is a Light

Studio Sundari Festival Wear

The Stairs

Fawkes Victoria - Occupy Montreal

Lachine Waterfront

I did it! I started my 365 day project that I announced back in September! I will edit and upload to my facebook page one image per day. In addition I will attempt two photo-walks or photo shoots a month. I will also attempt 1 difficult image to edit a week and intend also to do one creative editing project a month. I hope I can keep all those commitments – whew! Check the blog for weekly updates!

So my journey begins and I’m starting to chip away at the back log of pictures collecting dust in my computer. Support, ideas and collabs are all welcome. I may need a cattle prod now and then!

Here is to a year of Photos!

Macro Photography

Out of my new lenses I got 2 that do Macro shots. Ever since I started taking pictures with my dads old SLR Pentax at the age of 12 I was in love with his 200 mm Macro Lens. It was huge, it was heavy but it took the most fantastic pictures!

Since using DSLRs I have missed having a macro lens. I would be envious of the macro my significant other could pull off on his Fuji FinePix HS10.

I also bought a Kiron 105mm Macro lens at f 2.8 which is very similar to the Sigma of the same specs I rented last winter for the Studio Sundari Product Photography shoot. I can’t wait to have the space to set up my lights to test shooting products with my new lens.

I am all set for Macro now and I am over joyed!

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

This was shot when I was around the age of 15 with my Dad's SLR Pentax and the 200 mm Macro lens

This was shot when I was around the age of 15 with my Dad’s SLR Pentax and the 200 mm Macro lens

Nina Haigh Photography

This was shot during my photography course in College with one of their SLR Pentax camera’s and a + 1 filter