Steampunk Fashion Photo shoot

I am extremely happy to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Since Early December 2013 I have been working with some awesomely talented ladies to shoot my first ever Fashion Photo-shoot.

Teaming up with Wasteland Artisan and Sarala of Bittirsweet Hair we decided on a Steam Punk / Cyber Goth theme. We acquired many other talented people including Gabrielle Kellock MUA and by our shoot date we were well over 18 people!

You can follow my Facebook page to see the new images from this shoot as I complete them, stay tuned next week for a behind the scenes post on this shoot!

Plaugue Dr Tea

Steam Punk Sitting Room

Plague Dr and Black Cape


Plague Dr and Lovecraft Patient

Steampunk Mask

Lovecraft Steam Punk travel

Cyber Punk Body Contortion

Darra 2

Clay 2


Ice storms and shooting at 1 am … again

I must have a thing for night time photography when I don’t even think twice about heading out at the wee hours of the morning to take pictures.

I was getting ready for bed and looked out my bathroom window to the back yard and saw a light from the building behind me shining though my trees that were covered in ice from an winter ice storm.

Walking around was pretty hazardous since there was at least a centimeter tick layer of ice on the snow.

I’m glad I went out though because the pictures are STUNNING.


Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014



Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014

Quebec Ice storm dec 2014




I’ve been editing furiously for two portrait sessions I had last weekend. One was with the Lovely Michelle who is starting out her portfolio for modeling. Her picture started out my week for the 354 day project. The other  was a client wanting a good head shot for her business as a psychic.

I have put a lot of effort into learning how to retouch people, faces and skin and I feel that I am making progress but that I also have far to go. I am looking forward to the planned shoot I have for Wasteland Artisan and Bittersweet Hair Designs. I can’t wait to meet with both of these talented artists to start planning out the shoot.

I have so many creative ideas I want to try now, it seems the more I shoot the more creativity I get… so I just gotta keep shooting 😉

Sooo with all that babble aside I present to you this week’s edits.

Michelle on swing


light painting circle






Taking on Black and White Photography

Since making the switch from film to digital photography a few years back I seem to have completely forgotten about Black and White images. I find this rather sad considering I trained in black and white film photography back in college and LOVED shooting B&W film as a teen.

The past month I have been playing around with various tools to transform digital color images into black and white.

I found some methods rather mediocre, but recently I found a few I seem to like.

I feel a new door is open to me now, my once beloved black and white images are available to me again!


Passion FLower


Blue Morpho Butterfly

Canada Malting






Beauty Portrait


The first week of my 365 day Photo Project

Train Yard

Light Painting

Love is a Light

Studio Sundari Festival Wear

The Stairs

Fawkes Victoria - Occupy Montreal

Lachine Waterfront

I did it! I started my 365 day project that I announced back in September! I will edit and upload to my facebook page one image per day. In addition I will attempt two photo-walks or photo shoots a month. I will also attempt 1 difficult image to edit a week and intend also to do one creative editing project a month. I hope I can keep all those commitments – whew! Check the blog for weekly updates!

So my journey begins and I’m starting to chip away at the back log of pictures collecting dust in my computer. Support, ideas and collabs are all welcome. I may need a cattle prod now and then!

Here is to a year of Photos!

Product Photography Pricing

I have had a few comments from friends, family and potential clients saying they just don’t understand my pricing system for product photography. Why are there two prices? Which one do you charge and why?

To see for yourself you can see my price list here.

In reality both rates are applied to a project and while that may seem strange and even unfair there is an important reason for that: I only charge you for the images that you want and need.

Red Rock
So say you have 20 objects and I take 2 hours including set up and tear down and shot each image front , back and a side view. I also had a bit of extra time to do some creative shots featuring your products. Some shots of your products together and a few other idea’s I get while I’m taking pictures.
I come home sort though them all, do some light touch ups and send you proofs and you want 1 image per item. You pay for my time and then you pay for the 10 images you want and that’s it. If later you want to purchase the other images that are possible too. I never delete old projects, I even  have them backed up in case something were to happen.

For an example on a bigger scale: A client has 80 products and wants each one photographed in three positions at their warehouse. How does the pricing break down?
I know I can comfortably do 10 products an hour 3 poses so that would be an estimated 8 hours of shooting on location: 600$

If they were to choose 1 shot of each image that would cost: 2400$
If they wanted all 240 images it would be: 3600$

Turquoise Necklace
I know this seems like A LOT for something that seems so simple. The hourly rate feels expensive to most, but take into considerations for each hour I spend shooting it’s often 2 hours back at home, uploading, backing up, sorting and editing the images. It’s especially long editing product photography since everything must be perfect.

My hourly wages includes my set up and tear down. I start the clock when I start shooting pictures. It also includes my travel time and expenses when I’m shooting on location

The price per image fees, they include usage rights. As a business you need to be able to use the images in printed media, advertising campaigns and now a day’s social media too. Buying the image rights when you purchase your product photos gives you the permission to do all that. You don’t even have to mention the artist (unless of course you want to 😉 )

So that’s the break down, if you still have a hard time figuring it out contact me for a quote.

It makes it easier if you know how many products you need photos of and how many different positions and I will give you an estimate.

Festival Clothes

My first completed Craft fair

I just completed my first Artisans fair this weekend and had some pretty interesting results!

I did sell my first print ever and that was quite the rush and emotional moment!

I also am BURSTING with news I want to share with you but it will have to wait until I get all the details. Stay tuned after the week of Dec 6th for a MAJOR announcement for Nina Haigh Photography – it will rock every one’s socks! I know it rocked mine.

I met some really amazing people and I can’t wait to see who I will meet next! I made new friends, got a few new creative projects on the back burners with some very talented people! I h ave a feeling this winter I am going to be kept busy!

I also booked another craft fair in December Please view my previous blog post for details on ALL the Fairs I am attending!

Nina Haigh Photography Fair Kiosk

Nina Haigh Photography Fall / Winter 2013 Montreal Craft & Art Fairs

I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in Several Craft, Art and Venders fairs in the months of November and December!

Here are details on the Fairs I will be attending. I Will  be selling prints, postcards, greeting cards and taking appointments for Product photography, Weddings and Portraits with discounts available.

My first fair is to  benefit the SPCA and being the animal lover that I am, this event really means a lot to me. As you have probably noticed many of my prints include animals some of which are of the furry love of my life Tehya my Husky mix rescue. Help support the SPCA and local Artists and stop by this fair because double good deeds make you feel awesome 🙂


The “Holiday Original Artisan Fair TO Benefit the SPCA” is being held on NOVEMBER 9th from 10 am to 3 pm at the Resurrection Church : 34, 34th ave in Lachine H8T 1Z2

Holiday Original Artisan Fair To Benefit the SPCA


The  “Winter – Wonderland Fair” which helps benefit a variety of West Island Charities.

This fair is held at Arthur-Séguin Chalet – 365 Saint-Louis, Pointe-Claire, H9R 2A1 November 23 and 34th from 10am – 3 pm.

winter wonderland fair


Yule fair is a craft fair for the Pagan Community of Montreal hosted by Melange Magique

This fair is being held on Sunday December 1st from 10am – 5 pm at Jeux Café Chimera Games located at 5768 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal



Marche de Noel – Ecole Ahunstic benefits the Fondation du L’ecole Ahunstic

This fair is being held on Friday December 6th from 4 pm – 9 pm at Ecole Primaire Ahunstic located at 10615 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal



Euphoria II  is a Vendors Fair that benefits the LePont/Bridging Food Bank (Please bring a non perishable food item or 2$ to gain entry to this fair)

This Vendors fair is being held at the Hampton Inn & Suites located at 1900 TransCanadienne, Montreal


euphoria 2

New Lenses for Nina Haigh Photoraphy

I got really lucky last week with a sale I saw on Kijiji of a photographer selling off his Nikon Film kit. The kit included 5 lenses and a teleconverter as well with a film camera body. I snatched it up quickly and I am so glad I did.

I got in one shot the lenses I needed to fill the large gaps in range that I had. I am all set now, especially since I also won an auction for a terrific Macro & Portrait lens.

I went for a walk around my house this weekend and tried out my new toys and I LOVE the results.