I’ve been editing furiously for two portrait sessions I had last weekend. One was with the Lovely Michelle who is starting out her portfolio for modeling. Her picture started out my week for the 354 day project. The other  was a client wanting a good head shot for her business as a psychic.

I have put a lot of effort into learning how to retouch people, faces and skin and I feel that I am making progress but that I also have far to go. I am looking forward to the planned shoot I have for Wasteland Artisan and Bittersweet Hair Designs. I can’t wait to meet with both of these talented artists to start planning out the shoot.

I have so many creative ideas I want to try now, it seems the more I shoot the more creativity I get… so I just gotta keep shooting 😉

Sooo with all that babble aside I present to you this week’s edits.

Michelle on swing


light painting circle







Week 3 of my 365 Day Photo Editing Project

Little Wild  Mushroooms


Last week I was feeling down and questioning myself but I made myself stick to it – and I’m glad I did! This week I was on creative fire and got some FANTASTIC edits and also idea’s for other shoots I want to do once I get the space to work on things like that!

I found a few more diamonds in the rough and with some editing turned out to be real jems!

I also am learning some skin softening techniques in Photoshop so I am improving my editing skills yet!

I did a photo shoot on Saturday so that will lend new content for the blog. I have several shoots planned for January!

I can’t wait for the holidays to pass by to have time to work on things again!


Blue Morpho Butterbly Color vs Black and White Study

Love Earth

Annie Portrait

Parc Jean Drapeau Sculpture

Passion Flower

This is an artistic edit of the Canada Malting building meant to be printed on metal. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

This is an artistic edit of the Canada Malting building meant to be printed on metal.
I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Digital Darkroom, Editing and Self Improvement

I will let you all into a secret of mine. I hate post production editing. Positively loath it.

I have a trend where I pull out the gems and then put a project on the back burner. I just tend to find it so tedious. My skills were lacking, my tools were outdated and I missed the good old days of working in a darkroom.

After making a promise to myself to start a 365 day journey to edit at least ONE photo a day my creativity has exploded, my confidence is up and I have hunkered down and begun editing my portfolio.

I have yet to officially start my 365 day Project but I have already fallen into the creative benefits it lends people.

I still find editing boring and tedious, but I see definite improvement now. I have a better computer and more recent programs (I can’t believe that until last year I was still using Photoshop 7 and had never touched light room).

Here is a little example of an OLD picture I edited with photoshop 7 on my lap top vs the same image I edited in Light room recently. I am a little ashamed on my old digital darkroom skills.



I guess it is only up from here.