I’ve been editing furiously for two portrait sessions I had last weekend. One was with the Lovely Michelle who is starting out her portfolio for modeling. Her picture started out my week for the 354 day project. The other  was a client wanting a good head shot for her business as a psychic.

I have put a lot of effort into learning how to retouch people, faces and skin and I feel that I am making progress but that I also have far to go. I am looking forward to the planned shoot I have for Wasteland Artisan and Bittersweet Hair Designs. I can’t wait to meet with both of these talented artists to start planning out the shoot.

I have so many creative ideas I want to try now, it seems the more I shoot the more creativity I get… so I just gotta keep shooting 😉

Sooo with all that babble aside I present to you this week’s edits.

Michelle on swing


light painting circle







Week 3 of my 365 Day Photo Editing Project

Little Wild  Mushroooms


Last week I was feeling down and questioning myself but I made myself stick to it – and I’m glad I did! This week I was on creative fire and got some FANTASTIC edits and also idea’s for other shoots I want to do once I get the space to work on things like that!

I found a few more diamonds in the rough and with some editing turned out to be real jems!

I also am learning some skin softening techniques in Photoshop so I am improving my editing skills yet!

I did a photo shoot on Saturday so that will lend new content for the blog. I have several shoots planned for January!

I can’t wait for the holidays to pass by to have time to work on things again!


Blue Morpho Butterbly Color vs Black and White Study

Love Earth

Annie Portrait

Parc Jean Drapeau Sculpture

Passion Flower

This is an artistic edit of the Canada Malting building meant to be printed on metal. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

This is an artistic edit of the Canada Malting building meant to be printed on metal.
I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Why to Invest in Professional Product Photography

The problem I encounter the most often when trying to book clients for product photography is they don’t seem to realize the worth of professionally shot product pictures. I have even had an artist think I was scamming them once when I proposed a skill trade earlier on in my career.

It’s not to say that a business will always need product photography; there is a place and time for it. Certainly one isn’t going to bring in a photography each time they make a new product… or are they?

It really depends how you want to grow your business. A professional Product photographer will  immediately brings an air of professionalism to your work.  Home shot images, while showing your product, may not always do it in a way that will show your product in the best way.

Seen below is a before and after of a soap maker’s shopping cart. The before screen shot is with pictures taken from a cell phone, with no proper lighting, positioning and no attention paid to the back ground. The second is after I had been brought in to do simple on white product shots. The feeling of each store front goes from a “starting out home business: to “something professional and trustworthy”… just with the change of a few images.

Note the different impression each store leaves you

Note the different impression each store leaves you

I see the difference all the time, better images mean more sales in the long run. If you are launching a new line, or have a best selling product that you will  be selling time and time again DEFIANTLY invest in product photography. If you are investing on launching an online store it would be wise to invest in the photography as well, not to mention a printed advertising campaign.

People often complain by the high cost they feel product photography entails and in a way I can understand, starting a business is hard, however the amount of preparation and time shooting and editing your products really does add up. There are some solutions though. Some photographers such as myself might have bundles for Small Businesses, use them to your advantage.

If you have the means to invest by all means have a professional take your product images,  your budding business will thank you! If you don’t well I can help with that too. Tune in each Wednesday for a mini series of blogs that will help you take better product images on your own.

A big thank you to Savon KC Soaps for letting me use screen shots of her before and after product photography photo shoot.

New Lenses for Nina Haigh Photoraphy

I got really lucky last week with a sale I saw on Kijiji of a photographer selling off his Nikon Film kit. The kit included 5 lenses and a teleconverter as well with a film camera body. I snatched it up quickly and I am so glad I did.

I got in one shot the lenses I needed to fill the large gaps in range that I had. I am all set now, especially since I also won an auction for a terrific Macro & Portrait lens.

I went for a walk around my house this weekend and tried out my new toys and I LOVE the results.