My first completed Craft fair

I just completed my first Artisans fair this weekend and had some pretty interesting results!

I did sell my first print ever and that was quite the rush and emotional moment!

I also am BURSTING with news I want to share with you but it will have to wait until I get all the details. Stay tuned after the week of Dec 6th for a MAJOR announcement for Nina Haigh Photography – it will rock every one’s socks! I know it rocked mine.

I met some really amazing people and I can’t wait to see who I will meet next! I made new friends, got a few new creative projects on the back burners with some very talented people! I h ave a feeling this winter I am going to be kept busy!

I also booked another craft fair in December Please view my previous blog post for details on ALL the Fairs I am attending!

Nina Haigh Photography Fair Kiosk


And the Prints came marching in! Nina Haigh Photography Nature Prints

I apologize for letting the blog slow down to a trickle, but the good news is I have been spending the time preparing awesome stuff and getting ready for Artisan Fairs!

I have been putting a lot of effort into the web site and it should be ready to re launch soon – Stay Tuned!

I have also been preparing prints for the shows I am attending, editing, ordering and matting them ready for you to take home your favorite shots.

In the mean time why don’t you head over to my Facebook and check out the new prints album. You will surly recognize some of the pictures that have been showing up recently in my blog. Pricing and how to order can be found in this note here.

Eventually I will set up a proper cart. Does any one  have any suggestions for a good EASY to use cart system?

I miss you all and I hope to get back into shooting on a weekly basis once the holidays slow down!


Nina Haigh Photography

Horses walking up to the fence to greet me

Nina Haigh Photography

Kingsbury Marsh

Kingsbury Marsh


Granby Zoo

Nina Haigh Montreal Photographer

Nina Haigh Photography Fall / Winter 2013 Montreal Craft & Art Fairs

I am very happy to announce that I will be participating in Several Craft, Art and Venders fairs in the months of November and December!

Here are details on the Fairs I will be attending. I Will  be selling prints, postcards, greeting cards and taking appointments for Product photography, Weddings and Portraits with discounts available.

My first fair is to  benefit the SPCA and being the animal lover that I am, this event really means a lot to me. As you have probably noticed many of my prints include animals some of which are of the furry love of my life Tehya my Husky mix rescue. Help support the SPCA and local Artists and stop by this fair because double good deeds make you feel awesome 🙂


The “Holiday Original Artisan Fair TO Benefit the SPCA” is being held on NOVEMBER 9th from 10 am to 3 pm at the Resurrection Church : 34, 34th ave in Lachine H8T 1Z2

Holiday Original Artisan Fair To Benefit the SPCA


The  “Winter – Wonderland Fair” which helps benefit a variety of West Island Charities.

This fair is held at Arthur-Séguin Chalet – 365 Saint-Louis, Pointe-Claire, H9R 2A1 November 23 and 34th from 10am – 3 pm.

winter wonderland fair


Yule fair is a craft fair for the Pagan Community of Montreal hosted by Melange Magique

This fair is being held on Sunday December 1st from 10am – 5 pm at Jeux Café Chimera Games located at 5768 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal



Marche de Noel – Ecole Ahunstic benefits the Fondation du L’ecole Ahunstic

This fair is being held on Friday December 6th from 4 pm – 9 pm at Ecole Primaire Ahunstic located at 10615 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal



Euphoria II  is a Vendors Fair that benefits the LePont/Bridging Food Bank (Please bring a non perishable food item or 2$ to gain entry to this fair)

This Vendors fair is being held at the Hampton Inn & Suites located at 1900 TransCanadienne, Montreal


euphoria 2

Rural Photography in the Eastern Townships

Nina Haigh Photography  Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography  I went for a drive over the mountain roads in the Eastern townships a few days ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures.

Rolling hills, farms and animals were the highlights of my photography that day.

I even made friends with a small herd of Belgian horses. They were at the far end of a field and I nickered to get at least one of them to look up while I took a photo.

Well they did look up, and then decided to come greet me by the fence. I spent a good few minutes introducing myself to the various horses and gave them each in turn a scratch and pet.

It was a good afternoon 🙂Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Macro Photography

Out of my new lenses I got 2 that do Macro shots. Ever since I started taking pictures with my dads old SLR Pentax at the age of 12 I was in love with his 200 mm Macro Lens. It was huge, it was heavy but it took the most fantastic pictures!

Since using DSLRs I have missed having a macro lens. I would be envious of the macro my significant other could pull off on his Fuji FinePix HS10.

I also bought a Kiron 105mm Macro lens at f 2.8 which is very similar to the Sigma of the same specs I rented last winter for the Studio Sundari Product Photography shoot. I can’t wait to have the space to set up my lights to test shooting products with my new lens.

I am all set for Macro now and I am over joyed!

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

Nina Haigh Photography

Shot recently with my Nikon d700 with one of my new lenses

This was shot when I was around the age of 15 with my Dad's SLR Pentax and the 200 mm Macro lens

This was shot when I was around the age of 15 with my Dad’s SLR Pentax and the 200 mm Macro lens

Nina Haigh Photography

This was shot during my photography course in College with one of their SLR Pentax camera’s and a + 1 filter

Richmond Train Tracks by Nina Haigh Photography

While heading to the grocery store last week I spotted from the car a train track passing under the road. They way the trees grew it looked almost like a tunnel! I made my way back there a few days later to take pictures. Not only did I find the picturesque track but also discovered a small waterfall too. I need to go back once again but with a tripod!


Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

New Lenses for Nina Haigh Photoraphy

I got really lucky last week with a sale I saw on Kijiji of a photographer selling off his Nikon Film kit. The kit included 5 lenses and a teleconverter as well with a film camera body. I snatched it up quickly and I am so glad I did.

I got in one shot the lenses I needed to fill the large gaps in range that I had. I am all set now, especially since I also won an auction for a terrific Macro & Portrait lens.

I went for a walk around my house this weekend and tried out my new toys and I LOVE the results.






Digital Darkroom, Editing and Self Improvement

I will let you all into a secret of mine. I hate post production editing. Positively loath it.

I have a trend where I pull out the gems and then put a project on the back burner. I just tend to find it so tedious. My skills were lacking, my tools were outdated and I missed the good old days of working in a darkroom.

After making a promise to myself to start a 365 day journey to edit at least ONE photo a day my creativity has exploded, my confidence is up and I have hunkered down and begun editing my portfolio.

I have yet to officially start my 365 day Project but I have already fallen into the creative benefits it lends people.

I still find editing boring and tedious, but I see definite improvement now. I have a better computer and more recent programs (I can’t believe that until last year I was still using Photoshop 7 and had never touched light room).

Here is a little example of an OLD picture I edited with photoshop 7 on my lap top vs the same image I edited in Light room recently. I am a little ashamed on my old digital darkroom skills.



I guess it is only up from here.

Lost in the moment – Taking photos of Aurora Borealis

I follow several feeds and alerts for Northern Lights.

This usually means dropping everything, often in the wee hours of the night to go hunting for the elusive light show. Many times its a no go, the conditions aren’t right, Light pollution from cities (or even the full moon).

Sometimes its the weather, or even that the sun flare hits in the middle of the day. Once I got so excited and jumped in my truck with my camera gear, drove up the mountain to my “spot” the whole time NOT realizing it was raining – duh can’t see anything with cloud cover!

Then there are nights like last night, everything just works perfectly. I moved not long ago to a new area, and every time we drove around for the past few months we would take note of places that had great panorama views towards the north. When I got the notification for an Aurora STORM I gathered my things, got in the car and off I went.

I live in a valley so my first stop was up the hill, parked in the entrance to a famers feild and took a good look. I could only barely see a feint green glow at the horizon. I snapped a few long exposures and had Great color!

The only problem was being on the side of a highway with cars frequently driving by – no good when each time your camera is doing a shot one or two cars go by. so off we went to a spot we had scouted a few weeks prior that we found while lost on back roads.

We found an old logging road going though a farmers field on the very top of the mountain and got out and was greated by the most spectacular Aurora display I have seen in my life. I was in such a dazed awe that I had completely forgotten about taking pictures. The sky looked like it was on fire and I hadn’t seen red Aurora since I was a little child.

Eventually I snapped out of it and began documenting what was to be a spectacular light show from mother nature. I stayed for nearly two hours, desperately wishing for better photo equipment. I did the best I could with the tools I had and here are the results: