Taking on Black and White Photography

Since making the switch from film to digital photography a few years back I seem to have completely forgotten about Black and White images. I find this rather sad considering I trained in black and white film photography back in college and LOVED shooting B&W film as a teen.

The past month I have been playing around with various tools to transform digital color images into black and white.

I found some methods rather mediocre, but recently I found a few I seem to like.

I feel a new door is open to me now, my once beloved black and white images are available to me again!


Passion FLower


Blue Morpho Butterfly

Canada Malting






Beauty Portrait



The first week of my 365 day Photo Project

Train Yard

Light Painting

Love is a Light

Studio Sundari Festival Wear

The Stairs

Fawkes Victoria - Occupy Montreal

Lachine Waterfront

I did it! I started my 365 day project that I announced back in September! I will edit and upload to my facebook page one image per day. In addition I will attempt two photo-walks or photo shoots a month. I will also attempt 1 difficult image to edit a week and intend also to do one creative editing project a month. I hope I can keep all those commitments – whew! Check the blog for weekly updates!

So my journey begins and I’m starting to chip away at the back log of pictures collecting dust in my computer. Support, ideas and collabs are all welcome. I may need a cattle prod now and then!

Here is to a year of Photos!

Rural Photography in the Eastern Townships

Nina Haigh Photography  Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography  I went for a drive over the mountain roads in the Eastern townships a few days ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures.

Rolling hills, farms and animals were the highlights of my photography that day.

I even made friends with a small herd of Belgian horses. They were at the far end of a field and I nickered to get at least one of them to look up while I took a photo.

Well they did look up, and then decided to come greet me by the fence. I spent a good few minutes introducing myself to the various horses and gave them each in turn a scratch and pet.

It was a good afternoon 🙂Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Richmond Train Tracks by Nina Haigh Photography

While heading to the grocery store last week I spotted from the car a train track passing under the road. They way the trees grew it looked almost like a tunnel! I made my way back there a few days later to take pictures. Not only did I find the picturesque track but also discovered a small waterfall too. I need to go back once again but with a tripod!


Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

New Lenses for Nina Haigh Photoraphy

I got really lucky last week with a sale I saw on Kijiji of a photographer selling off his Nikon Film kit. The kit included 5 lenses and a teleconverter as well with a film camera body. I snatched it up quickly and I am so glad I did.

I got in one shot the lenses I needed to fill the large gaps in range that I had. I am all set now, especially since I also won an auction for a terrific Macro & Portrait lens.

I went for a walk around my house this weekend and tried out my new toys and I LOVE the results.






A Montreal Photographer’s trip to Granby Zoo

I went to Granby Zoo for the first time in over 20 years last weekend since we were blessed with a summer like day in the middle of September.

I went with a small group of people and though I was trying to keep my photography to a minimum I managed to get quite a few beautiful animal images.

It was sometimes tricky shooting though fences and even glass enclosures, in a quick manner no less. I really wish to return alone and really take the time to photograph the animals. They are sometimes really tricky to capture, especially the fast moving ones.




Amur Tiget


Parc Frontenac Bog Photo Walk

I went camping with some friends last weekend and while it was cold wet and rainy I managed to do two Photo-Walks though the Peat Bog in the Park.

I loved how the untouched Wilderness Crept up all the way to the wooden foot path that Meandered though the Bog. I don’t think I have seen that many mushrooms in one place in all my life!

The Flora varied from area to area. There were grassy parts, places where moss seemed to take over and the barren Peat Bog at the very center.

Here are a few pictures from the walk

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography

Nina Haigh Photography’s 365 Day Photo Project

As  I previously mentioned I wish to embark a 365 day photo Project Starting in November 2013!

I will edit and upload to my Facebook page one Image a day. This can be from previous work I have shot (since I have a HUGE backlog of art waiting for post production editing), from a photo-walk or from a Photo shoot.

In addition to the once a day image I want to do 2 photo-shoots or photo-walks MINIMUM a month!

Once a week I will post a recap of the images I have edited in a blog post and I also intend to post blogs about my various shoots and photo-walks

The aim of this project is to keep my creativity up, to help fight the “writers” block I am constantly plagued with and to dive into the folders and folders of pictures that are in need of editing before I post them.

since I thought of this plan I have been feeling eager to start – I can’t wait to set up my new office once the renovations are done!

Below are some pictures from a recent Camping trip at Lac Vert Quebec – I have yet to edit the other half of my pictures 😛

The Moon Rise


Lac Vert Quebec


Best Friends at Sunset


Still Waters