Steampunk Fashion Photo shoot

I am extremely happy to finally be able to share this with everyone!

Since Early December 2013 I have been working with some awesomely talented ladies to shoot my first ever Fashion Photo-shoot.

Teaming up with Wasteland Artisan and Sarala of Bittirsweet Hair we decided on a Steam Punk / Cyber Goth theme. We acquired many other talented people including Gabrielle Kellock MUA and by our shoot date we were well over 18 people!

You can follow my Facebook page to see the new images from this shoot as I complete them, stay tuned next week for a behind the scenes post on this shoot!

Plaugue Dr Tea

Steam Punk Sitting Room

Plague Dr and Black Cape


Plague Dr and Lovecraft Patient

Steampunk Mask

Lovecraft Steam Punk travel

Cyber Punk Body Contortion

Darra 2

Clay 2


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