Week 2 of Nina Haigh Photography’s 365 day photo project: Struggles and Pondering

I just completed a second week of my 365 day project and while I have yet to miss a day I am struggling with finding work I like, even after I edit it. I take out interesting pictures, edit them and then just let them sit, all over again because I am not in love with them. I feel perhaps there is a reason I overlooked things the first time and wonder if there is any real point to this project at all?

I know its too early to tell and I will keep plodding on, perhaps I’m just in an editing rut this week.

People listening to some one recite a poem

People listening to someone recite a poem

Jazzy Lights

A light Art Installation at Place Des Arts in Montreal

Crystal and Beauty

A beauty shot of a Psychic at Studio Sundari

Night time flower market

A night time flower market in Montreal

Nuit Blanche Art Installation

An art installation from nuit blanche in Montreal

Reflection of a moon

An artistic shot of an art installation giving the impression of a giant moon in Montreal

peek a boo

A colorful graffiti on the Abandoned Canada Malting plant in Montreal Quebec


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