Product Photography Pricing

I have had a few comments from friends, family and potential clients saying they just don’t understand my pricing system for product photography. Why are there two prices? Which one do you charge and why?

To see for yourself you can see my price list here.

In reality both rates are applied to a project and while that may seem strange and even unfair there is an important reason for that: I only charge you for the images that you want and need.

Red Rock
So say you have 20 objects and I take 2 hours including set up and tear down and shot each image front , back and a side view. I also had a bit of extra time to do some creative shots featuring your products. Some shots of your products together and a few other idea’s I get while I’m taking pictures.
I come home sort though them all, do some light touch ups and send you proofs and you want 1 image per item. You pay for my time and then you pay for the 10 images you want and that’s it. If later you want to purchase the other images that are possible too. I never delete old projects, I even  have them backed up in case something were to happen.

For an example on a bigger scale: A client has 80 products and wants each one photographed in three positions at their warehouse. How does the pricing break down?
I know I can comfortably do 10 products an hour 3 poses so that would be an estimated 8 hours of shooting on location: 600$

If they were to choose 1 shot of each image that would cost: 2400$
If they wanted all 240 images it would be: 3600$

Turquoise Necklace
I know this seems like A LOT for something that seems so simple. The hourly rate feels expensive to most, but take into considerations for each hour I spend shooting it’s often 2 hours back at home, uploading, backing up, sorting and editing the images. It’s especially long editing product photography since everything must be perfect.

My hourly wages includes my set up and tear down. I start the clock when I start shooting pictures. It also includes my travel time and expenses when I’m shooting on location

The price per image fees, they include usage rights. As a business you need to be able to use the images in printed media, advertising campaigns and now a day’s social media too. Buying the image rights when you purchase your product photos gives you the permission to do all that. You don’t even have to mention the artist (unless of course you want to 😉 )

So that’s the break down, if you still have a hard time figuring it out contact me for a quote.

It makes it easier if you know how many products you need photos of and how many different positions and I will give you an estimate.

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