And the Prints came marching in! Nina Haigh Photography Nature Prints

I apologize for letting the blog slow down to a trickle, but the good news is I have been spending the time preparing awesome stuff and getting ready for Artisan Fairs!

I have been putting a lot of effort into the web site and it should be ready to re launch soon – Stay Tuned!

I have also been preparing prints for the shows I am attending, editing, ordering and matting them ready for you to take home your favorite shots.

In the mean time why don’t you head over to my Facebook and check out the new prints album. You will surly recognize some of the pictures that have been showing up recently in my blog. Pricing and how to order can be found in this note here.

Eventually I will set up a proper cart. Does any one  have any suggestions for a good EASY to use cart system?

I miss you all and I hope to get back into shooting on a weekly basis once the holidays slow down!


Nina Haigh Photography

Horses walking up to the fence to greet me

Nina Haigh Photography

Kingsbury Marsh

Kingsbury Marsh


Granby Zoo

Nina Haigh Montreal Photographer


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