Digital Darkroom, Editing and Self Improvement

I will let you all into a secret of mine. I hate post production editing. Positively loath it.

I have a trend where I pull out the gems and then put a project on the back burner. I just tend to find it so tedious. My skills were lacking, my tools were outdated and I missed the good old days of working in a darkroom.

After making a promise to myself to start a 365 day journey to edit at least ONE photo a day my creativity has exploded, my confidence is up and I have hunkered down and begun editing my portfolio.

I have yet to officially start my 365 day Project but I have already fallen into the creative benefits it lends people.

I still find editing boring and tedious, but I see definite improvement now. I have a better computer and more recent programs (I can’t believe that until last year I was still using Photoshop 7 and had never touched light room).

Here is a little example of an OLD picture I edited with photoshop 7 on my lap top vs the same image I edited in Light room recently. I am a little ashamed on my old digital darkroom skills.



I guess it is only up from here.


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