Lost in the moment – Taking photos of Aurora Borealis

I follow several feeds and alerts for Northern Lights.

This usually means dropping everything, often in the wee hours of the night to go hunting for the elusive light show. Many times its a no go, the conditions aren’t right, Light pollution from cities (or even the full moon).

Sometimes its the weather, or even that the sun flare hits in the middle of the day. Once I got so excited and jumped in my truck with my camera gear, drove up the mountain to my “spot” the whole time NOT realizing it was raining – duh can’t see anything with cloud cover!

Then there are nights like last night, everything just works perfectly. I moved not long ago to a new area, and every time we drove around for the past few months we would take note of places that had great panorama views towards the north. When I got the notification for an Aurora STORM I gathered my things, got in the car and off I went.

I live in a valley so my first stop was up the hill, parked in the entrance to a famers feild and took a good look. I could only barely see a feint green glow at the horizon. I snapped a few long exposures and had Great color!

The only problem was being on the side of a highway with cars frequently driving by – no good when each time your camera is doing a shot one or two cars go by. so off we went to a spot we had scouted a few weeks prior that we found while lost on back roads.

We found an old logging road going though a farmers field on the very top of the mountain and got out and was greated by the most spectacular Aurora display I have seen in my life. I was in such a dazed awe that I had completely forgotten about taking pictures. The sky looked like it was on fire and I hadn’t seen red Aurora since I was a little child.

Eventually I snapped out of it and began documenting what was to be a spectacular light show from mother nature. I stayed for nearly two hours, desperately wishing for better photo equipment. I did the best I could with the tools I had and here are the results:








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