Photography Contest – Nina Haigh, Montreal Photographer

It is finally time! The Photography Contest is here as I have mentioned a few time in the past week!

Participation is easy!

Step 1 : Go to my facebook page here and like it.

Step 2: Go though this album of images and choose your top 3 images that you like.

Think if I saw these for sale somewhere which three I would like to buy. (You are not actually buying them just telling me which ones you would buy if you could 😛 )

Label Each image with a 1, 2 or 3 in the comments area.

Step 3: You are done, Thanks for participating!

There will be 3 prizes to be drawn at the end of the contest, all participants will be entered into a draw and three names will be chosen at random.

The prizes will be: 1 set of postcards, 1 set of stickers and a photo magnet that will be made based on the input I get from all you lovely people!

Contest runs until October 5th at midnight, I will make the draw the next day.

Prizes will be mailed out in the month of November (when I get all my merchandise)

Please feel free to share the contest with friends, this contest is open to everyone!


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