Nina Haigh Photography’s 365 Day Photo Project

As  I previously mentioned I wish to embark a 365 day photo Project Starting in November 2013!

I will edit and upload to my Facebook page one Image a day. This can be from previous work I have shot (since I have a HUGE backlog of art waiting for post production editing), from a photo-walk or from a Photo shoot.

In addition to the once a day image I want to do 2 photo-shoots or photo-walks MINIMUM a month!

Once a week I will post a recap of the images I have edited in a blog post and I also intend to post blogs about my various shoots and photo-walks

The aim of this project is to keep my creativity up, to help fight the “writers” block I am constantly plagued with and to dive into the folders and folders of pictures that are in need of editing before I post them.

since I thought of this plan I have been feeling eager to start – I can’t wait to set up my new office once the renovations are done!

Below are some pictures from a recent Camping trip at Lac Vert Quebec – I have yet to edit the other half of my pictures 😛

The Moon Rise


Lac Vert Quebec


Best Friends at Sunset


Still Waters



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