This is a meme that happened on Deviant art a few years back and I though it would be interesting to participate
I met with a photographer today and while it was an interesting meeting something he said stuck with me.

He went on how he couldn’t choose a selection of photographs of his work over the years to make a compilation book. He had some one else do it because when he looks back at his stuff he dislikes it and finds he just becomes “Detached from his work” He went on to explain how the pictures he took are in the past and there was still much more for him to explore and create!

I understood his sentiments fully, I myself, going though huge cycles of loving and then hating my own work. Even this past week I am living the cycle. I was on a high from the shoot I worked on just past week, and loving the shots. A few days after pulling out the jems and having to bog down on the task of editing the rest of my work for my client I am finding I hate it, I could do better. and thus  starts a cycle of self loathing.

What the photographer said today made such perfect sense to me. I have the need to prove myself up, strive to get that stellar shot. Knowing I can always do better, get the right conditions, freeze in time that one moment forever. Next time I feel hatred towards my art, instead of going into the photographer’s version of “writers block” I need to pick up my camera and make art I will love, at least for a time.

To the right is a meme from Deviant Art a few years back that I though would be interesting to participate in. Taking the time to track down artwork from various years, dating back to when I was a teen and putting it side by side with what was then current work proved to be interesting indeed. I learned that even then I had an eye for photography – one that withheld. I saw that I also grew and learned some more technical things.

I feel now that I should update this since it is now 3 years out of date to see how much further I have come and to see where I shall go next!


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